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It’s over between us, AVAudioEngine

I’ve been writing audio code for macOS since 2003, and it’s never been an easy task[…] But the problems were purely related to the inherent complexity of audio and hardware.

Chord Intelligence mkIV: The Driver

There is a high-level component in my training software that is responsible for executing each of the experiments that I need to perform in my chord detection research. I call it the driver, because it drives the training process on my behalf.

Editing Capo's Beat Grid

Buried in the list of features that we added to Capo 4 was the oft-requested ability to manipulate Capo’s detected beat locations.

Capo 4 is Now Available

Today's release introduces two all-new song views, and includes our significantly-improved, 4th-generation chord detection engine.

Chord Intelligence mkIV: Training the Deep Neural Network

The software that trains Capo’s chord detection engine can learn from *hundreds* of songs per minute, and chews through more than *a month* worth of audio in a little over an hour.

Chord Intelligence mkIV: Preparing for Training

To train Capo’s chord detector efficiently, the collection of songs and chord labels in our training data set must first get processed by a few tools.

Chord Intelligence mkIV: We Need More Input!

Just as Johnny 5 demonstrated in the 80s, you need as much data as possible to effectively train a deep neural network.

Coming Soon: Chord Intelligence mkIV

I’m not one for pre-announcing features or releases, but 2020 has been a very unusual year so far, so let’s just go with it.