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Video with Larkin Poe

Watch Larkin Poe rock out with Capo to their new single "Don't", from their new album KIN, right before touring started with Elvis Costello and Kristian Bush of Sugarland. We got lucky, they videotape everywhere they go!

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Reflecting on Ten Years of FuzzMeasure

Developer Chris Liscio shares the story of building the FuzzMeasure app simply to set up his own home speakers back in 2004, and how that design turned into the award-winning company SuperMegaUltraGroovy.

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Capo touch: Shifting the Downbeat

You can use Capo’s ‘Shift Downbeat’ feature to adjust the downbeat of the song in eighth note increments. This is helpful if Capo fails to identify the downbeat correctly in your songs.

To adjust the downbeat, place your finger on the timeline above the waveform and hold it until you see the ‘Shift Downbeat’ title appear at the top of the screen. Then, either tap the left or right arrows to shift the downbeat, or drag your finger on the timeline to shift the bar lines directly.

When you hold your finger on the timeline, the bar numbers and lines should turn blue to indicate you're in the right spot.

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