Artist Spotlight

Chris Owens, Studio Designer

One of LA’s most in-demand studio designers Chris Owens uses FuzzMeasure to test the acoustics in studios ranging from Diplo’s Tron-inspired room to VICE Media’s multi-room production complex.

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SuperMegaUltraPowertip I

Capo touch: Add the "Now Playing" Song

Capo touch allows you to easily add the “Now Playing” song from the Music app for instant chord, tempo and beat analysis.

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SuperMegaUltraPowertip II

Capo touch: Use Capo with your Guitar Amp Simulation Apps

You can use Capo touch at the same time as your favorite guitar amp simulation apps (e.g. GarageBand, AmpKit, etc.) so that you can hear your electric guitar or bass while practicing with Capo.

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